Core Capabilities

The government has entrusted TRG for over fifteen years to provide Aircrew Training, Air Transportation and Support Services, as well as Professional, Scientific and Technical Services.  Contract services that are so critical that 100% of TRG employees were considered “mission essential” by the government during every single government shutdown.  As such, TRG has provided uninterrupted 24/7 aviation support operations for over fifteen years and still counting.

Whether it is flying over 100,000 mishap-free flight hours on 23 different aircraft platforms.  Or, providing Airfield Management Services on the largest USAF flight training bases.  Or being part of the USAF Space Command “Go/No-Go Team” during all missile launches at Vandenberg Air Force Base.  TRG offers tried and tested government contract services in a reliable and safe process garnering “Exceptional” government ratings.

Explore all TRG’s Core Capabilities in more detail below.

Aircrew Training

TRG provides contract services throughout the entire aircrew training lifecycle. From courseware development, to the classroom, to training devices, to simulators, to the flight line and aircraft . . . TRG has demonstrated “Exceptional” government past performance in all areas.

Air Transportation Support Services

TRG provides air transportation services at numerous locations to include the busiest military bases in the world. All personnel, equipment and material are provided by TRG’s Airfield Managers, Airfield Management Operations Managers, and Airfield Management Shift Leads.

Professional, Scientific & Technical Services

TRG provides professional, scientific and technical services for DOD, NOAA, and the FAA. Airfield weather observers, upper-air weather observers, weather forecasters, are but a few of the government services TRG supports in well over twenty locations across the U.S. and overseas.