Our Story

TRG has never let the government down and proven adept at providing technically superior professionals, service, and materials.

In 2004 retired Air Force Fighter Pilot, James ‘Rock” Rockhill formed The Rockhill Group (TRG). Like most startups, operations occurred from out of the Rockhill home office. This was just the beginning as much success was in store for this family-run, veteran-owned business. 

As a few flight training contracts with the US government turned into many, the company moved its headquarters to a small office in Gulf Breeze, FL. As TRG’s reputation grew and its talent pool expanded, more contracts for other services were obtained. As the contracts became more complex, TRG’s leadership put their logistical skills to the test to ensure these contracts would be fulfilled in a timely and professional manner, which meant more offices needed to be opened. 

TRG now has over 26 locations in the United States (CONUS) from coast to coast, employing more than 450 employees ensuring every facet of each contract is filled and exceeds the expectations of the United States government. The leadership team decided to move the company’s headquarters to Molino, FL, where they purchased over 300 acres of land to build the structure they needed for its growing company. As the company grows, so will the amount of office space with no need for relocation. 

TRG, like our military, has high expectations and doesn’t stop with one success as many are on the horizon. This is why TRG is not only serving contracts statewide but also internationally (OCONUS) with an office in Puerto Rico and previously in England.