Life at TRG

TRG fosters an environment where everyone feels welcome. As a family-owned company, relationships are important and the glue that holds us together. We roll up our sleeves to get the job done, laugh and talk to keep the days interesting, and help one another to succeed.

The Farm

We are located on a 300 acre farm in Molino, FL. Green fields of hay surround our office buildings giving employees the ability to stretch their eyes each day when they come to work. Life is simple on the farm with only one convenience store and restaurant nearby. Farm life gives employees a chance to get away while at work!

Farm Events

For one week each quarter, our staff meets to attend training, eat together and play games to promote teamwork and unwind at the end of the week. Family values are important at TRG and we look forward to taking time out every quarter to celebrate our achievements (and have a little fun)!

Farm Friends

Life at TRG would not be complete without Bandit, Charlie and Tucker! Brothers, Charlie and Tucker are Schnoodles that are full of personality! They like to hang out in Building 1 any chance they get. Bandit, an American Bulldog mix, is living his best life outside, running, chasing reflections and swimming in one of five ponds on the farm!