SOFIS-TRG, LLC Announces Subcontract Award from M1 Support Services for Maintenance Support at Columbus AFB

SOFIS-TRG, LLC, a Mentor-Protégé Joint Venture (MPJV) between SOF Intelligence Solutions, LLC (Protégé) and The Rockhill Group, Inc. (Mentor), is thrilled to announce its subcontractor role with M1 Support Services, L.P. In this capacity, SOFIS-TRG provides vital support to the 14th Flying Training Wing (14 FTW) Aircraft Maintenance Services Program at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi.

The 14 FTW is an elite unit, responsible for training over 300 U.S. military and allied student pilots annually, preparing them for global deployment and Air Expeditionary Forces (AEF) missions. With a fleet of  T-1A, T-6A, and T-38C aircraft executing several thousand sorties each year, the maintenance support provided by SOFIS-TRG is crucial in maintaining the wing’s intensive training schedule and high operational tempo.

SOFIS-TRG augments M1 Support Services’ efforts, ensuring that the 14 FTW consistently has access to serviceable aircraft, trainers, and support equipment necessary for achieving their training objectives efficiently. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering quality maintenance, logistics support services, supervision and materials to our maintainers as needed, ensuring all requirements and responsibilities in support of T-1, T-6, and T-38 aircraft maintenance functions are met to support the 14 FTW program at Columbus AFB.