Awarded USAF Airfield Management Services (AMS) Contract

Laughlin AFB, Texas

The Rockhill Group, Inc. (TRG) provides professional, safe, and effective airfield operations supporting the 47th Flying Training Wing (47 FTW), Laughlin AFB, Texas and the USAF leased area of Spofford Auxiliary Airfield. TRG support to 47 FTW is critical due to its role in pilot training. Aircrews and their aircraft are the most important customers, and the airfield and airfield management operations are the first impression of the base for many visitors. It is critical that the airfield be kept at a very high state of readiness at all times and present a neat and orderly appearance. Both Laughlin AFB and USAF leased lands at Spofford Auxiliary Airfield must be properly maintained, examined, and inspected to guarantee military and civilian customers a safe operating environment. TRG airfield support activities are conducted in strict compliance with Department of Defense (DoD), USAF, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards mandating safety requirements for military air operations.