Awarded USAF Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training Support (RPATS) Contract

Holloman AFB, NM

The Rockhill Group, Inc. (TRG) provides all management, tools, supplies, equipment, supervision, labor, and all other items and services required to perform Remotely Piloted Aircraft Training Support (RPATS) requirements. This very large USAF requirement supports aviation training in the form of thousands of student training events and associated grade sheets along with hundreds of Standardization and Evaluation tests and USAF Form 8s monthly. TRG supports this large and critical effort with the following professionals: Simulator Console Operators (SCOs), Simulator Tactical Programmers (STPs), Administrative Flight Training Program Support, Administrative Standardization and Evaluation Program Support, Simulator Duty Directors (SDDs), Ground Control Station (GCS) Support, Simulated Training Device Scenario (GSS) Support, and Tactical Scenario Support (TSS).