Welcome To The Team

The Rockhill Group, Inc. (TRG) gives a warm welcome to Mike Byrne and Kelly Sauls.

Mike is a retired Air Force Colonel who commanded numerous operational assignments throughout the United States, Korea, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In addition to operating the B-52, F-15, F-16, AT-38, and T-6 aircraft, Mike was also a pilot for the USAF Thunderbird Team from 1999-2000. 

Before joining TRG, he served as the Air Force Business Development Director for Canadian Aviation Electronics Ltd. (CAE) USA Defense and Security.  While there, he managed U.S. and International portfolios consisting of fighter, bomber, cyber and space training capabilities. Byrne now serves as the Vice President of Business Development for TRG. “In this new role, I’m excited I can continue providing unique training and services capabilities to the U.S. and coalition partners,” said Byrne.

Kelly Sauls joins TRG after serving 24 years in the Air Force and continuing her service to the U.S. in the Aerospace and Defense industry. Sauls has performed program management, capture management, and business development roles. She believes that working as a defense contractor is a way to continue serving her country and stands behind the motto: “We are patriots first and businesspeople second.” When partnering with industries to benefit customers, she believes in approaching teaming from a win-win-win perspective. Sauls is TRG’s Director of Business Development.